14 Blocks analyzes your best time to tweet & schedule tweets for better results.

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When should you tweet?

The best time to tweet is when your followers are online.
We take a look at your followers activities to find that out.

Not all followers are created equal.

Some tweet a lot, some not so much. Some follow too many people, some not enough.
We group your followers into categories and determine the "best" ones.

Find out who is online right now!

We based it on their stream activities.

Balance your tweets...

Are you @replying too much, sharing too many links, abusing #hashtags?

Support & Feedback

Hi there, my name is Felipe Coimbra. I'm the founder of 63 Squares. 14 Blocks is one of our products. Thinking about using our services? Have general questions? I'd love to hear from you! You can always email me directly at felipe@63squares.com

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